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Cantrell's Rabbit Farm
Rabbitry Gallery


Breed: Black and White Dutch
Age: 2 and a half year old
Name: Midnight
Sex: Doe
Litters: 3
Info: She is a very good mommy she always has 8 to 11 babies at a time and she can take care of every one of them without help.
She loves to be loved on. We have set her free here on the Farm. She is very happy and loves to run the hills.

White Albino

Breed:White Albino
Age: 3 year old
Name: Pink Panther
Sex: Buck
Litters: He is a daddy of 6 litters
Info: You have met this guy on the front page. He is doing very good.
He is still a big baby and a very good pet.

Holland Lop

Breed: Holland Lop
Age: 1 year old
Sex: Buck
Name: Chance
Litters: 0
Info: He was a saved baby. He was born on a very cold day and his mommy couldnt keep them warm and when we got home he was almost gone. So we got him in the house and got he warm. His brothers and sisters had already died. He was rasied in the house for the rest for the time and was bottle feed. He is a very very very loving and sweet baby. He has growed up and still is a big baby.. There is nothing like Chance.. He is a pet also.


Breed: Spoted
Age: 1 Year old
Sex: Doe
Name: Beanie
Litters: 1
Info: She has had it hard to start out in this world. When she was about 2 Months old she got her feet stuck in the bottom of the cage and she was stuck for about 30 mins. before we knew what had happen. By that time her feet had swelled and she had to be rushed to the vet. The vet had to cut the wire off her feet and rub cream on her feet that would take away the swelling. She came out of that and back to her old self. She is a very loving bunnie and sweet. She has also growed up now and has had the most sweet and healt litter. She is a great mommy and is one of our fine pets...